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The Power of ONE.

February 25, 2018

It was 3:48pm in the afternoon.  I was cleaning up the dining room, chatting with my sister, when I heard the beep on the phone indicating an incoming call. 

It was a number I did not recognize. I usually ignore those numbers but this time my finger reflexively hit the flash button. 

It was a private call from the New York blood center.  Not one of the automated, scripted calls… private. 

The woman introduced herself, apologized for being a bother then in a frantic, yet still professional voice, she laid it on me. 

“There’s a young girl in the hospital right now, diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, who is in need of YOUR O+ blood. There are only 3 people in New York State who have that special Antigen that she needs and you were the only one I was able to contact today.”

“Can you come in to donate blood?”…

Even though going in to donate blood is not always an easy act for me to accomplish, without hesitation, I scheduled an appointment. 

After hanging up, I digested what the woman said to me. 

ONE blood donation will make a whole world of a difference for that girl in the hospital fighting for her life. 

Then I realized that there is power in ONE.

It only takes ONE moment to lend a helping hand to make someone’s life much easier… and it can also have an everlasting impression on them. 

It only takes ONE smile to help stop that youngster from swallowing pills to take the “pain” away.  

ONE smile could save a life. 

It only takes ONE “I love you” to warm someone’s heart.

ONE “I love you” to give someone hope, a reason to push forward, to not lose faith…

It only takes ONE moment to put aside your busy schedule to send a text to someone you have not spoken to in a very long time. 

ONE text can go a very long way…

We do not even realize that we have the power to change someone’s life with ONE decision. 

It just takes ONE moment of a selfless act to make a life-transforming difference.  

Find your purpose… find your opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.  

The power of ONE.

~ Candace Mezetin

~ Love is the answer

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Inspiration and Motivation

Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

February 22, 2018

“Contessa, stay calm…Don’t get upset.” “Deep breath…in and out, in and out.”

These are the words I kept on repeating to myself as I stood on the checkout line at my local Walmart last Saturday night. You might be wondering what triggered this deep breathing/calming episode…well; it was the rude checkout clerk.

My sister and I strategically were looking to see which line to join in order to avoid an extended checkout wait time. As I was looking around to determine the shortest line, a young man signaled for me to come into his checkout lane. Gladly, I called out to my sister to hurry up and join me on the line before someone cut in between us. Thankfully, she reacted quickly and jumped right behind me as we proceeded towards the young man. As soon as I arrived in the lane, I immediately began packing the conveyor belt, placing my many shopping items onto it. I was so focused on that task, that I barely noticed the miserable face of the cashier. He looked completely annoyed, and his face lacked any signs of happiness. Deep down inside I had a bad feeling that this guy was going to annoy me. So, as the young man started to ring up my groceries, I quietly continued to pack the conveyor belt.   However, what broke my silence was when he got to my bananas. The truth is, I did not want him to place any other groceries in the bag with them, as the result would be brown bruised bananas.  I quickly, said to him “Please can you pack the bananas in a separate bag, because I do not want them to get bruised.” He turned and looked at me with a death stare and said: “Miss, you need to calm down.” “What?!?! What in the world is this guy’s problem?!?!” I silently repeated to myself.   Just for the record…let me be clear, I am a very nice person, but DON’T mess with me.

So, I looked at him and smiled and said: “No, I was just making sure that you didn’t place anything in the banana bag because some people do that.” He looked straight at me and said “Calm down” again.   I wanted to Bruce Lee him in his throat so badly, but I knew that violence was not the answer…LOL.   My heart started to speed, and my adrenaline was beginning to pump because I really wanted to tell this man a piece of my mind. In the meantime, my dear sister Candace was there having the grandest conversation on her cell phone completely oblivious to the situation that was unfolding right before her eyes.  At that moment, the cashier saw one of his superiors and a huge smile appeared on his face.   Truth be told, it was such a beautiful smile, I wondered to myself why he did not show it more.  Bam! In that instance, I knew what I had to do. I turned to him and asked, “How come you do not smile like that for me?” Almost, immediately the young man looked me right in the eyes and one of the biggest smiles that I had ever seen appeared across his mouth. He then said, “Yeah, I saw my co-worker and I remembered something I told him earlier, and it made me smile.”   I then said, “Well, you have such a great smile. You should smile more often.”

That opened the door to a wonderful conversation between the young man and myself. The ice king had melted and out came this polite vibrant young man, who possessed such a beautiful smile.  We shared a few more laughs and smiles as he wrapped up my transaction, and I ended with the words “keep smiling because you do not know whose life you will touch or save.” He quickly agreed, and said,“Yes, a smile can save lives.” Then he turned to me after my contact solution coupon failed to work, and after my brief rant about how every penny counts and how coupons matter, and he says “Coupons saves lives too!” We both laughed out loud, as I walked away from his line with his contagious bright smile now plastered across my face.

I was reminded of one very true saying from one of my favorite movies “Annie”; “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” A smile can change the darkest moment in someone’s life and create a life-altering light.  It is important for us to SMILE, don’t be shy…show off your pearly whites…it can help to make someone’s day or better yet, it can help save their life.


~Contessa Thomas

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Inspiration and Motivation

Love in a Black and White World

February 18, 2018

I’m black…
But I wasn’t always proud to be.
Faced with the notion 
That black is a potion
You should stay far away from. 

It used to be a bad dream
Or so it seems…could it be reality?

Our little black girls preferring white baby dolls over the ‘sister’ ones….

Hmmmm….. there’s truly SOMETHING in the air that we’re totally missing…

What is It?!?!

There always seems to be a comparison….or better yet a series of justifications as to why it is ok to be black.

As if just saying, “I’m black” wasn’t good enough.

I’ve heard these quotes over and over during my lifetime…

” The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice…”
” …Black don’t crack…”

Why does it have to be a fight?
Why are we fighting in a subconscious war?
Why do I have to repeat these cliché sayings to make myself feel better…

We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, still yet we’re referred to as people who come from a ” sh*t hole country”

I’m not even Haitian!!! 
But he was talking about me…
He was talking about WE….

Why are we fighting?

This world is a rainbow…
Full of so many colors….
While we have black and white…in between we have the yellow, orange, green, blue and red…

Enough said…

We are all one.

It’s time to find love in a black and white world…two distinct colors, but still, yet there are so many visible shades. 

Look within and you’ll see the beauty. 

It’s beautiful. 
I’m beautiful.
I’m black and beautiful!

We have to look past our skin….look deep within…

It’s your character that counts…

We are all different…FACTS 
We all have different gifts… FACTS
We all have a different purpose…FACTS

We can all love each other…FACTS!!!!

The bloodshed for equality 
Stains our American soil
We can still hear the cries of our forefathers who gave their all …so that we can have it all.

Let’s love each other…Black, White, Jew, Gentile… let’s put aside the hate and reconcile….

Let’s learn to love in a black and white world. 


~Candace Mezetin

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Inspiration and Motivation

The Art of Unveiling

February 15, 2018

At the start of this week, I was checking the trending news topics on my phone. During my moment of review, I came across a story that the “news giant” CNN was covering about the former president and first lady of the United States—Barack and Michelle Obama.   This story, in particular, was very interesting to me because it involved the unveiling of the former president’s and first lady’s portraits at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.   I must admit the portraits were stunning. My heart overflowed with such delight as my eyes were overcome with the beauty and intricate pictorial details of the portraits.

CNN then went on to say in their article that the Obamas chose two African American artists to paint these very intriguing masterpieces. At that moment, my brain went…hmmmm—“Contessa, you better read on”.   So, I answered my brain internally and said, “yes, I will”, as my eyes eagerly scrolled through the remainder of the article to find out more about these artists who skillfully created the masterpieces. The name of the artist who painted the former president Barack Obama’s portrait was Kehinde Wiley—and Amy Sherald was the artist who painted Michelle Obama’s portrait. In my opinion, both portraits were executed well—despite some public opinions about Michelle’s portrait not looking really like her.   Nonetheless, a big monumental moment in history occurred that day in Washington—because it was the first time in U.S. history that presidential portraits painted by African Americans artists ever entered the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery (CNN, 2018).

This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in the year as the event took place in the month of February, which if you do not know, or have forgotten is “Black History Month”. In my opinion, there was way more behind the significance of the unveiling of these portraits, than just removing their coverings and admitting them into Smithsonian gallery.   This past Monday signified a great milestone in African American history because less than 150 years ago, African Americans would have never been allowed to do such a thing on this grand scale.

Despite, the unfortunate racial setbacks under our new presidential regime, it is moments like these that keep hope alive of having true equality for all one day. “The Art of Unveiling”, conveys a much deeper meaning than what the human eye can see…it extends to the deepest crevices of our hearts. We are to be ‘Driven’ by the purpose to love each other despite our color, race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Love is the answer! To love our fellow man, in spite of our many shortcomings, is the status quo that we all should live up to…NO EXCUSES!

The Obamas’ along with many other African Americans in our country’s past have transcended many barriers to shine like the bright stars that they are. Let us never forget what makes our country “The United States of America” so GREAT…it is our UNIQUENESS and DIVERSITY.   Yes, “The Art of Unveiling” is the ability to love unconditionally…so that true freedom, acceptance, and peace can reign here in this beloved country we call…our home.


~Contessa Thomas

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Inspiration and Motivation

Stay in Your Lane

February 11, 2018

It’s time for the Grand Prix.
All the racers are lined up and ready to take off.

“I’m ready”, said Jones, who was known as one of the greatest racers of his time. “My tires are changed, fitted and good to go. Air pressure is perfect, I’m in place, seat belt is fastened… it’s time to take off.”

The shot is fired and everyone speeds on to the track…at their maximum speed.  Every driver has their specific game plan detailed in their mind. They know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it in order to achieve the goal of winning the race. 

“Stay focused… straight ahead…keep your eyes on the prize” said Jones as he pepped himself through.

The drivers all seemed to be keeping their eyes on the prize… the finish line.  It’s so close, but there’s still a good way to go.  

“Keep focused… keep looking straight ahead.  Keep your eyes on the prize”, said Jones

Everyone is moving at their own pace, a speed suitable for them……

But then…

One car triples his speed and zips past Jones…

“Oh, snap! This is NOT happening right now…”

Becoming distracted, Jones looks over to the side.  That slight shift in focus and taking his eyes off the goal caused him to slow down.

Not only did it slow him down… he then decided to triple up his speed as well to try and catch up to the racer ahead. While Jones was an excellent racer…he didn’t understand what it took to control a car at triple speed. Going at that rate was a whole different ball game than what he was capable of handling. He had no clue…

Instead of successfully accomplishing his detoured plan of triple speed, he lost control of his vehicle, veered into the other car’s lane,  and before he could regain complete control of his car…before he could refocus himself and get back into position…before he could realize the rate of HIS race…

His race ended.

His dream of crossing the finish line vanished in the split of a second.

If he had only ….
Stayed in his lane. 

More common than not, people have dreams and aspirations to become something great in life. The truth is whether or not we recognize it, we all have a purpose. 

While our purposes may seem similar in nature, the fact is that no two people have the same purpose because we are all created differently, with a different mindset, different skill set, different talents and different visions.

Even if it appears that people have a similar purpose there is still a difference in the magnitude, capacity, and the speed at which that purpose is to be fulfilled. 

It is so easy to know your purpose and plan, but become distracted by someone else’s journey. 

I personally feel that the distraction is much stronger when someone is doing the same thing(s) you see yourself doing. They’re walking along the path you are treading, but instead of being at the start like you, they may be farther ahead. The distraction may be even greater knowing that you both began the similar journey at the same time. 

We need not to look at someone else’s journey and compare it to our own. 

Know your race, stick to the plan.

Don’t get ‘Driven’ off of the road to your life’s purpose.

Remember that your journey is personal!

Regardless of what you do… stay in your lane!

~ Candace Mezetin

~ Love is the answer!

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Inspiration and Motivation

The Upside Down Rainbow

February 8, 2018

Have you ever seen an upside down rainbow? Yes, I know this seems like a strange question, but have you? Well, I have. A little over a year ago in my former place of residence in Germantown, Maryland, I saw an upside down rainbow. I remember the day so vividly. I was walking my children and their friends home from the bus stop on that day. One of my son’s friends who was walking with us at the time finally convinced me to stop by her apartment building to ask her dad if she could come over to the house. The poor girl had been asking me since the start of the school year…LOL! We finally arrived at her building, and while I was inside talking with her dad all the children remained outside playing. Soon after the kids started to scream calling us both outside and pointing up at the sky. When the little girl’s dad and I both looked up we saw a rainbow.

This rainbow was not like any other that we have seen before. In fact, it was upside down. We looked up at the sky with great awe. At that time my little daughter who was five-pointed up to the sky and said: “Mommy, God is smiling”. I instantly got chills, which resulted in goosebumps up and down my arms. In consensus, all of us who were standing there at that time all agreed that this was truly an act of God.

At that moment, I knew that rainbow was an answer to my silent prayer. You see around that time I recently found out that I was expecting my third living child. Uh, huh… It was actually my 5th pregnancy. Sadly, I had two consecutive miscarriages within the year before that current pregnancy. I was very worried at that time when I saw the rainbow. I didn’t know what to think, what to feel, or even process at that time. My heart was truly broken and each day seemed like the biggest horse pill that I had to swallow. However, God is truly and always right on time. He knew that I needed a supernatural, out of this world sign that the baby I was carrying would be okay. He also saw it fit to give me that validation in the presence of so many witnesses.

The road throughout my pregnancy was not an easy one in both an emotional and physical sense. However, through it all, I always managed to remind myself of that upside down rainbow a.k.a “God’s smile”.

You might be wondering why am I sharing this very personal story of mine? The truth is that I know and fully acknowledge/accept my purpose here on this earth—and I will let it drive my every action. I know that I have a gift with people. I know that I can bring a smile to the face of almost any individual if you give me just a moment of your time. I know that I can relate to others and empathize with them very easily without much thought. It all comes very naturally for me. It is my God-given gift, and I must use it to be a blessing to those around me who are hurting and in great need.

Losing a baby at any point within a pregnancy is very devastating. The reality is that so many of us as women have or will experience it during our childbearing years. Blighted ovum, miscarriage, or stillbirth—whichever one applies to you, they all equate to the loss of a life. The pain is deep and it feels like your heart has been ripped out of your chest. But no one around you understands your deep, gut-wrenching pain, not even your spouse. You put a smile on your face, continue on with life as it is, with the hope that if you remain busy enough you won’t feel the pain or sorrow that stems from your great loss.

So many of us women suffer in silence. At times we are even ashamed to show that we are hurting from our loss. The fallacy that we have to be superwomen all the time is exhausting. Most of us never truly take the time to address and treat our wounded hearts.

However, I want to take the time out to encourage our readers to seek help if you have gone through such an experience. I also want to let it be known that if you know someone who is going through such a time— please encourage them to get assistance in dealing with their grief.

My fellow ladies, it is okay for us to let someone else help us get through such a devastating time of grief. I remember going to see my beloved former church Pastor, Dr. Kerr after I lost my first baby at nearly 3 months. He looked at me and in an instant, he said, “You are not okay”. He then said, “Contessa you have to face your grief and address it”.  He saw right through my fake armor of made-up strength. He called me out and told me that I had to face the music…the reality that I had lost a life.  Instantly, I broke down uncontrollably in tears for the first time since losing my child. After I got it all out emotionally, he encouraged me to allow myself to grieve properly. He told me that keeping myself busy was not the solution to healing and he was right.

For my second miscarriage, which happened about a year later (Yes, it took me nearly a year to conceive again), I allowed myself to grieve properly.  I screamed, I cried, and I was even mad at God, so much that I couldn’t even pray.  My dear sister Candace had to actually pray for me because I couldn’t bring myself to talk to God at that moment in my life.  After I grieved, and much prayer and encouragement from my sister, I got on my knees and apologized to God for being so selfish— for He had given me so many blessings before and I know that if and when He saw fit, He would bless my husband and me with another child.  I left it ALL in His hands. 

The second miscarriage happened August 2016; by October 2016 I was pregnant again.  All I could do was say “Thank You, God!”  It was around that time in October after I found out the news that I saw the upside down rainbow. God reminded me right at that moment to not worry. He let me know that this baby was going to be just fine.

My son, my rainbow baby, is now 8 months old. Every day I look at him and I’m reminded of the blessing that he is.  He is a big, healthy and beautiful boy. I love him with all my heart, along with my two older children.

The journey was difficult, but I found my rainbow in the mist of all the dark clouds…please stay encouraged in whatever difficulties you may be experiencing in your life (e.g. – loss, sickness, financial hardships, difficult spouse/children…etc.) and know that you also have a rainbow waiting for you after those dark clouds have passed.

In the meantime please feel free to use mine as a reminder that  “Troubles don’t last always”.  There is a beautiful rainbow after the storm.

~Contessa Thomas

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Inspiration and Motivation

It’s Time to Break the Silence

February 4, 2018

I’m a nice person. 
I try my best to be friendly to all people.

I think that it is common knowledge that we should be friendly, civil citizens of America even though the majority of the folk fail to follow.

I have a high tolerance. I can deal with high amounts of pain (delivered 4 babies naturally with no epidural), and I have a high tolerance with children (I homeschool and work with children all the time). 

Everyone has a breaking point.  There will come a time where tolerance is no longer acceptable and justification is warranted.

It’s time to break the silence. 

Over the past few months, I would see a certain individual and I would always make sure that I say hello. You always find me with a smile on my face and a good morning coming from my lips, even when I’m overwhelmed and simply having, “a bad, bad day.” 

Anyways, I would always say good morning and I would either get no answer, or I would simply just be ignored.  

Did it bother me? Oh, Yes!!!! Every time I would say “Hi!, and get ignored by this person it would fumigate me. 

Still yet, I said nothing.  

One day… one day…I had it!
It was time to break the silence.

I walked into the room and I saw this person talking to another person.  Respectfully, I said good morning to both parties.  Only the other person responded, and once again this individual refused to acknowledge my greeting.

I couldn’t hold my tongue anymore.  I turned to this person and replied,  “I said Good morning!” 

This person looked at me and replied, “I didn’t hear you!”
So I then said, ” Are you deaf? Does your ears work?”


Ok, ok, ok… if you know me, you know that I didn’t say that.  

However, I really did want to say those exact words to that individual.

What I actually did say was,  “Ok.  No problem.  I was saying good morning.”

Then I realized that I needed to get to the bottom of this.  

So I quickly blurted out—”Have I offended you in any way? Have I done something wrong to you?”
Then I reminded this person of all the moments where I was ignored, and given dirty looks… all of which made me feel UNLOVED. 

The person validated that there was no offense and we squashed it there.  

Even as I’m writing this, I remember the sadness that I felt being treated that way.  After the silence was broken, every good morning I now give is always reciprocated. 

The most recent event that happened was a public one and I was greatly disappointed.

As many of you know, I’m a group fitness instructor and I have been creating weekly Facebook advertisements and boosts to spread the word and promote my class. In an effort to spread the word, I would tag my fellow co-workers and friends, so that their friends could see it on their news feed and learn of what is going on. 

So after I created my post, shortly after I get a text from my friend asking me who was the person who commented on my post.  When I looked to see what she was saying, my heart hit the floor. 

Instead of seeing a comment that would give me a vote of confidence, or a word of encouragement about my class, I found a co-worker’s response telling me pretty much she’s not coming to my class and to stop tagging her in my class promotion posts.

I felt stumped, sad, mad, hurt….. Omg…I felt played and UNLOVED. 

How dare you blast me like that on social media? There are more tactful, and loving ways in which to let me know that you cannot attend my class or to stop tagging you in my posts.  

It’s time to break the silence…

Instead of fighting fire with fire I decided to say the following:

“I am so sorry for the bother.  I was tagging you in hope that you could help me spread the word.  I’m sorry.  Won’t do it again.”

Following my comment, another co-worker replied,  “No worries Candace, I will definitely spread the word for you. That’s what we do as co-workers.”

I’m usually the one that tends to be quiet about most matters, but when it comes to issues of equality, respect and love I find myself breaking the silence more often.

These two situations helped me to realize that it’s ok to speak up and defend yourself when you have to.  No one should ever be allowed to hurt you or disrespect you and get away with it. 

I also realized that while our world is cold and mean, there are still some people, like my co-worker who responded in my defense, who understands what love/loving really is. 

Which brings me to my third point…

“Driven By Purpose”. 

This is SisArias United’s theme for the month of February.

I realize that I’m driven by love.  Love is EVERYTHING!  Love is LIFE.  Love is the ANSWER.

I have a strong passion to love people… even when it’s not convenient. This compassion and love also keeps me readily available to help others whenever I can, to help people who are down and need someone to pick them up, to give, to make people smile, to cook a meal for someone, or buy them food if they are hungry.  Simply put… “I love to love”. 

But I also realized, that I love to be loved as well and when I feel UNLOVED it greatly affects me.

What drives you?

What is that thing that motivates you? 

Where are you going?

Why do you do what you do? 

Lately, I’ve been asking myself these questions. Knowing your purpose is step one as you prepare to embark upon this 2018 journey.  

I hate seeing people being mistreated and being taken advantage of.  I also hate when others do it to me.

I’m constantly learning how to speak up for love. 

I realize that the need for love and my desire to love others is an innate driving force within me.  I’m 100% propelled by love. 

I love being loved and when I receive love it drives me to love more.  

What is your driving force? What is it that propels you to push through every day, especially during those times when you want to quit?

The theme “Driven By Purpose” has so many meanings and it plays a significant role in our self-transformation.  

I know for a fact that I don’t have it all together. Nonetheless, for this month I plan on doing some serious soul searching to zoom in on a purpose for my life. My drive to love must have something to do with it.

~ Candace Mezetin

~ LOVE is the answer

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Inspiration and Motivation

The Bump

February 1, 2018

“The Bump!”…Dah Dah Dahhh!

I know this sounds like the opening of some thriller movie. Well, last week this became the start of my own personal life thriller. I noticed a slight pimple on my chest parallel to the left side of my breastbone. It was very itchy, but I didn’t think anything of it. By the middle of the week, I noticed that it became a huge bump/lump…Aha!!!! I started to get very worried. Soon after, the bump became very painful. I could not sleep at night and every time my infant son hit the area while nursing I wanted to scream! The bump was very hard. Whenever I see any bump or a pimple on my skin my first inclination is to try and burst it.   I know…I know…I should not have attempted that, but I did—and boy did I pay for it.   After the 1st attempt to pop the huge solid bump, it became terribly inflamed, and it now extended slightly into my left breast cavity. YIKES!!!! “GOD HELP ME PLEASE!” was all that I could whisper to myself in the bathroom. This was last Friday.  

That night, as my husband got into bed…I looked at him worried and said, I found this bump on my chest near my left breast and it is quite painful. I quickly showed it to him. He tried his best to control his looks, but I did see a hint of worry quickly pass across his face. He then said to me “I think you should go see a doctor.” I agreed and told him that I have an appointment scheduled for the upcoming Wednesday, January 31st. He then said, “Okay, go to bed”. He knew me all too well. He knew that I was going most likely stay up all night worrying and browsing the Internet searching for what this bump could possibly be.   I will be completely honest. The first thing that passed through my mind was “Is this Cancer?” It is so unfortunate, how that became my first thought, but that disease has been reeking some real havoc on my family and close friends lately. So, there I sat up in bed thinking, “Am I next?” I was really stressing myself out.   At that moment, I decided to say a quick prayer asking God to please help me to stop worrying, then I laid down and fell asleep.  

The very next day the pain increased, and an abscess began to form…Ahhh!!! I wanted to cry. Silly me tried to burst it again, and this time the inflammation grew out of control. It felt as if the aching being generated as a result of this bump was serving as a dagger of pain that was piercing my heart. That Saturday night, I resorted back to my phone to look up some sort of remedy to help me get some relief. At that moment, I saw an article using Aloe Vera. I was like “YES!” I got that.   I absolutely love Aloe Vera plants, and I proudly own two of them.   Back to the story, so I got out of bed, broke a piece of the leaf off of the plant and spread the juice all over the bump.   By the next morning, the abscess was significantly more and looked as if it was getting ready to burst open. The pain reduced greatly, and by Sunday evening, the bump did burst on its own after my infant son hit the area. It was an instant relief from the agony.

Over the course of this latest experience of mine, thinking about all the possibilities of what my bump could’ve been…thinking about the possibility of it being life-threatening…my life flashed before my eyes. I thought about my husband, children, sisters, brothers, in-laws, friends, and my overall purpose in this life. What was I doing to fulfill my God-given purpose here on this earth? Was I giving it my all? Am I really driven?

This brings me to our February Theme…“Driven By Purpose”.

  • What is your purpose in this life?
  • Are you doing everything in your God-given abilities to accomplish that purpose?
  • Are you wasting precious time, doing things that are serving as hindering blocks in your life?

Please take a few minutes out of your day and reflect on the above questions.

Time is truly a precious commodity—one that we cannot get back once it is lost.

On another very important note, I also want to remind all our readers to pay attention to our bodies.   If anything seems wrong, please do not hesitate to get it checked out by a physician. Disease is no respecter of age, gender, or race. Illness can befall any one of us at any given time. It is important for us to stay alert and put in the time to taking care of our bodies, in a holistic sense.

The area around where the bump used to be is still slightly inflamed, and as each day passes it seems to be getting better. I also did go to the doctor yesterday and she confirmed that it was a benign cyst (huge breath of relief). Nonetheless, it was certainly a humbling experience for me. I was abruptly reminded of my mortality and of the purpose that I need to be fulfilling in this lifetime of mine. As physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging as this brief period was for me…I am thankful, that God allowed this to occur in order to serve as a reminder for me to stop wasting the precious time that He allotted to me.

Let us all get fired up and ready to go (One of my younger brother’s favorite sayings)!

Let us drive full steam ahead—embracing our true purpose here on this earth.

Stay positive and remember to play the game of life wisely.

~Contessa Thomas


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