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That Thing Called Life

March 29, 2018

This week has been a time of mixed emotions. For starters, I passed my fitness instructor exam after a gruesome studying regimen (my memory really took a hit from the hormones during my last pregnancy). Truly I give all thanks to God for seeing me through that test, and I do not take it for granted one bit. Okay, so that kicked my week off with a high. Then on Tuesday, I was still on that studying, no sleep high. At that point, I am like okay… “Contessa, time to bring it down a notch”, but my brain was like “NO!” Now Wednesday comes around, and Thursday breaks forth and still, no relaxation. I am running errands left and right, running like a chicken without a head. Someone, please put me on time out…FAST! LOL.

On top of that, life just seems to be wreaking havoc on my family and friends again. The situations include surgeries, deaths, accidents, mental instabilities, and etc. My brain is reeling. In spite of it all, which includes being physically exhausted, my eldest son seems to be going through something and acting out. Last week I had to meet with his teacher, and I got a phone call home…AGH!!!! There is a saying my grandmother usually says during moments like these—“When it rains, it pours”. This saying fits like a glove at this time in my life.  

Nonetheless, I still choose to remain encouraged, as I look intently for my rainbow to appear amidst all these looming dark clouds.

I choose to remain happy.

I choose to smile, even if it means that I cried my eyes out before.

I choose to live.

I choose to roll with the punches that life often throws.

What do you choose to be today?

Please take a moment and reflect on that question.  

Deep thought….I know.

Don’t be afraid to choose love over fear…Embrace the situations that life throws your way, and use it to launch yourself to unimaginable heights.

~Contessa Thomas

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Inspiration and Motivation

Beyond Compare

March 25, 2018

Comparing yourself to someone else always make you look like you are inadequate… not enough. 

What you have is insignificant in light of the image staring you in the face.

Comparing yourself can actually make you hate yourself, missing your natural beauty that makes you, YOU.

The world truthfully has all kinds of beautiful.  Beautiful that comes in varying shades, sizes, and gifts.  

For years, I have struggled with truly loving myself…realizing that I AM enough.

Always looking to the left, then to the right, finally glimpsing myself, trying to see how I can catch up to those around me.

The truth is, so many of us fail to realize how powerful we are. 

It does not matter how many people say you are beautiful…. You are not beautiful until YOU see that you are beautiful. 

Do not look at yourself through someone else’s eyes.
Look at yourself with your own mind…accepting that who you see looking straight back at you is indeed beautiful. 

It is only when we realize how BEAUTIFUL we are that we can propel into our God given purpose. 

The lack of realizing your own beauty has become your blockage to greatness. You cannot become who you are predestined to be, as there is a significant obstacle in your way.

You are enough!
You are indeed beautiful!
There is an amazing greatness lying dormant within you!
Awaken it!

Rise above the expectations of a corrupt world who defines beauty as sexual representation, exploitation, and condemnation of one’s true self.

~ Love is the answer

~ Candace Mezetin

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Inspiration and Motivation

Wonder of a Woman

March 22, 2018

We come in all different sizes…

From little itsy bitsy minis to all variety of plus sizes.


We come in all different shades and races,

But don’t get it twisted we all still fall under God’s good graces.


We carry the brunt of the world on our shoulders most of the time

Not ever wanting to share the burden in order to protect the people

That we love the most.


We walk with a pep in our step, and yes you can guess the rest…

We are strong, we are beautiful, and we are the glue for our families

And communities.


We know the road isn’t easy, but we take it in stride

Because we know that the almighty Creator is standing by our side.


We have experienced great hurt and pain,

Some of which is so deep that we dare not repeat

So we plaster on that smile and hope for the best and

Continue to create a legacy that will benefit all the rest.


So if you are ever in doubt, no need to pout

Just take a look to your left or right and behold the

Wonder of a woman that may be standing by your side, and

Thank them for all the sacrifices made and please do so without

Another moment of delay.


Wonder of a Woman!


~Contessa Thomas


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Inspiration and Motivation

Where Am I?

March 18, 2018

I’m standing in a crowd….
Full of people who seem to be going somewhere. 

They look intentional.
But there I stand…looking up at the sky appearing lost.

That was what my sister told me she saw me doing in a dream the other night. 

I laughed, but inside I knew her dream had some meaning. 
A couple of hours before she called me and told me her dream, I sat in Joey’s Pizzeria with my children, niece, and nephew watching them chow down on some vegan pizza. 

I gazed at them enviously as they talked, laughed, passed the garlic powder, and fought over who wanted the last slice of pizza.

These kids were free, enjoying their moment and I was so happy to witness them in their element.

I then zoned out and said to myself…

“They feel free…and I don’t 
I feel stuck…I actually feel lost…”

It didn’t come by surprise when my sister revealed that to me from her dream.

I find myself getting lost in the hype, lost in the crowd, lost in my emotions and feelings,  lost in my desires…
I feel confused at times?
Do you?

As I am learning to embrace my beautiful, I need to find myself.  Who am I? 

What DO I want?
Where DO I want to be?
Who DO I want to be?

I want to live a beautiful life. 
I want my beauty to permeate my being and transfer to others who may not see their own beauty.

I want to help others realize how BEAUTIFUL they are. 

But first I need to know who I am.

Who are you?
There’s no time to waste on living lost. 

Find yourself
Find your beautiful and showcase it to the world!!!

~ Love is the answer

~Candace Mezetin

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Inspiration and Motivation

When Life Grants You a Do Over

March 15, 2018

Imagine… being told by doctors that your 2 year-old son has only a few months to live, after being diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, which is a type of renal cancer.

Imagine… that your child’s diagnosis falls under the radar because he did not fit the classical symptoms of the disease.

Imagine…being told that an experimental study was the only way to possibly save his life.

Imagine…being forced into participating in the trial study based upon the fear that was instilled in you by the medical team caring for him.

Imagine…seeing your child waste away to nothing but skin and bones.

Imagine…having to make the difficult decision to remove him from the research study that was supposed to be saving his life, but instead was killing him faster than the fatal disease itself.

Imagine…the medical team calling the state and reporting you as a child abuser, all because you decided to let your son have his quality of life back until his last breath.

Imagine…feeling your world is caving in on you as you prepare for the death of your child—clinging to that last bit of hope and faith in God.

Imagine…that the next set of scans done on your son shows that the cancer is nearly in remission—yes it is almost gone.

Imagine…seeing the baffled faces of your child’s medical team, as he makes a complete miraculous recovery and is officially declared cancer free.

Imagine…being that young man who has grown up into an adult and now has a family and child of his own…after being told by the medical team that he would never be able to father children of his own.

Imagine…being this young man and going through college thinking that being a pastor was your true calling, but midway through school, you discover that your “Golden Factor” is photography.

Imagine…boldly going after your dreams and starting your own photography company called— Jose W. Photography.

Imagine…The Almighty Creator granting you a 2nd chance to life…yes, “A Do Over”.

Would you make it count like Jose or would you waste it chasing a road of failed promises leading to a dead end?

After meeting Jose, December 2017 at a mutual friend’s baby blessing, and hearing his story…I was inspired to share a mini synopsis of it with the world.   At that moment I felt an extra charge of hope as my eyes welled up with tears of joy listening to his story of triumph over insurmountable obstacles. At the tender age of 2, he was given a “Do-Over” and he has embraced his beautiful and gone after his passion—Photography. Truly a great story of inspiration!

In life, very few people get a chance to get a complete “Do-Over” like Jose.

If you are ever granted the opportunity to get a “Do-over” in life…use it to right your wrongs, and to go full steam ahead after what your heart truly desires to do.   Go on ahead and embrace your beautiful and NEVER be sorry for doing just that!

Keep going… Don’t quit!

Please check out Jose’s AMAZING photo gallery on his website links BELOW:

Instagram Account:

Photo Credit: Jose W. Alvarado

~Contessa Thomas

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Inspiration and Motivation

If the Shoe Fits…Wear It

March 11, 2018

Searching and searching
Trying to see where I belong 
Trying to find myself
I have to remind myself

If the Shoe fits…wear it.

There are so many examples of success.
Those who stand tall in their fame
Others who simply bear a name
The work to get there was no easy game 

But please remember…
If the Shoe fits…wear it

These last couple of days afforded me the opportunity to really take a GOOD look at myself. 

“Who Am I?”

For so long, I’ve lived under false pretenses, trying to wear someone else’s shoes, neglecting to wear my own with honor and pride, even though it wasn’t strikingly as beautiful to the masses. 

My shoes…my life has been colored by the very codes that make up my genetic being. 

My dreams and passions may seem wayward to many…maybe all….

“Those shoes just don’t look right on you…” they may say

“Try these on…they will fit you better.”

Maybe they do fit…but is it REALLY better?

Are corns and calluses worth what YOU call beautiful?

“I like my old shoes…the one with the kinks…the ones that seem battered and tattered…” 

Your shoes define you. 
Who cares how “ugly” your shoes may seem to the world…

How “wasteful”.
your life may APPEAR…

If the Shoe fits… you have to wear it.

Strut it and walk with confidence, knowing who YOU are…that you have one life to pursue your dreams…

Be who you were made to be…YOU are indeed beautiful. 

Never forget who YOU are, and NEVER fit yourself into someone else’s shoes….

Wear your own.

~Candace Mezetin

~ Love is the answer

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Inspiration and Motivation

The Golden Factor

March 8, 2018

Have you ever heard a voice so melodious and pure that it sent chills up and down your body, resulting in an endless strand of goosebumps all over?   Have you ever heard a voice so pure, and soul-piercing that it brought you to tears? Well, I have.   I call it “The Golden Factor”. There are a few people in my lifetime whose voices have caused this effect…Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey…and the one and only Sandra Stewart.   Uh-huh, I am putting her voice right up there with the greats….because she’s got it…“The Golden Factor”.  

In addition to her amazing voice…our dear friend Sandra has a personality of gold to match it. This only helps to solidify her beauty that shines from the inside out. At the tender age of 7, her mother told her that her voice will touch many, and she was so right. Embracing your beautiful comes in many different ways. For Sandra, her beautiful is her voice. Throughout the years she has gone back and forth on when, how, and in what capacity to use her gift, waiting for the right God-given opportunity. Well, last week I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had posted a video on Facebook of herself singing her own inspiring rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”.   As she belted out the notes…my soul warmed up quickly and the chills started to come all over my body….”The Golden Factor”.   I was extremely proud of her as she was finally embracing her beautiful and stepping forward in her purpose—which is not always an easy thing for people to do (speaking from personal experience).

Have you found what your beautiful is…which stems beyond the physical appearance? What is that one thing that makes you feel 100% complete?

Yes, that one thing that touches the heart of those whom you come into contact with on a daily basis? What is your “Golden Factor”? Take your time and think about it…find your inner peace and go after your dreams.  

I believe that we all have that “Golden Factor”— it is up to us to find and embrace it, rather sooner than later.

Sandra, We “Will Always Love You”! Keep up the great work, because your “Golden Factor” is definitely making a difference in our lives.

Please see Sandra’s awesome rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” BELOW

~Contessa Thomas

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Inspiration and Motivation

Beyond What the Eye Can See

March 4, 2018

It’s not because your lustrous strands flow gracefully as you stride

It’s not because your covering shimmers in the moon light,  a soft glisten…powerful and strong 

It’s not because your curves are sharp at every turn, hills and valleys, a model of perfection 

It’s not because of the melodious sound that escapes your lips, the sweetness, and tenderness that makes your presence so endearing 

It’s not because your smile penetrates the darkest corners, the hardest days, the most trying circumstances.

It’s not because you hold the paper that many believe brings forth happiness, the paper that gives you a name…even fame…sometimes shame

Your beauty is not defined by what the eye can see…

Your beauty is deep within you, a seed that sprouts and produces the shimmer that makes you gold. 

Regardless of what you look like….

You are beautiful. 

Remember, your physical appearance does not define true beauty.

The physical will change…
The curves may disappear,
Your flow will turn gray
The wrinkles will come…

But you’re still beautiful.

The seed that sprouted still lives within you. 

Let your beautiful light shine!!!

Embrace your beautiful.

~Candace Mezetin 
~ Love is the answer

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Inspiration and Motivation

Beautifully and Wonderfully Made

March 1, 2018

“Excuse me, Miss.” I quickly looked up to see a father and daughter standing in front of me in the pasta aisle of Aldi supermarket.   “Yes,” I answered.   “Do you think that she is beautiful?” asked the father as he made a head gesture towards his teenage daughter. I looked intently at the young woman, and oh… was she a beauty. With a quick reply and bright smile, I turned to her and said, “Yes, you are very beautiful.”   A huge smile appeared across the young lady’s face. A smile so big, that I knew in that instant that it originated from the depths of her soul. “Thank you Miss!” she said with her eyes now as bright as the morning sun. Her father looked at me and said: “Thank you!”  I then turned to the young lady as they walked away and I reaffirmed her once again and said, “You are beautiful, go on girl and own it!” After that last exchange of words, they quickly turned away and walked towards the checkout line.

You might be thinking “what a random thing for a parent to do…asking a complete stranger if their daughter was beautiful.” Well, let me break it down quickly for you. That father knew that his daughter was battling with some sort of self-esteem issues, and right at that moment he needed her to know that someone, a random stranger who had no ties to her, thought that she was beautiful.  

The young lady knew that she was not as thin as the young women, and teenagers that we see plastered in most of our magazines and across our T.V. screens. She knew that the world, even though they didn’t come right out and blatantly say it, thought that her heavier frame made her less desirable. I know with all my heart that she was perhaps fighting, and pleading internally with herself to accept the person that she saw in the mirror looking back at her. The struggle is real…she is just one of the many people today who battle with accepting and loving themselves.

We are beautifully and wonderfully made by the Creator…let us learn to love us. For if we can’t truly love ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to???

Accept, embrace, and appreciate you! Yes, our bodies and faces might not be perfect, but whose is??? Let us realize that every imperfection that we have only helps to solidify our unique types of being beautiful.

Don’t waste another second…start loving your unique kind of beautiful today!

~Contessa Thomas

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