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My Comfort, My Food

April 29, 2018

“I like to eat…I like to eat…I like to eat…eat…apples and bananas…”

Let’s change up the words a bit…
How about I say…

“I like to eat…I like to eat…I like to eat… eat…chocolate and cookies,  and candy,  and chew gum… “

The list goes on and on!!!!

All the things that are detrimental to my health and well-being is what my body craves!!!


This desire is heightened when I’m overwhelmed, stressed, sad, and/or bored.

You would think that after eating a whole bag of dark chocolate almond bark in one sitting, that it would curate that craving…


I want more…
Tostitos with salsa,
….the list goes on and on…

Does this sound familiar to you?

If no…that’s awesome.

If yes…then you’re like me… you know the struggle is real.

I don’t fully understand the science behind my cravings…but I do know that I need it to end. 

Maybe it could be that my vegan diet limits me and subconsciously I’m looking for a replacement.

Truth is…my vegan diet is pretty boring.

I eat the same meals EVERYDAY!!!
You heard me…EVERYDAY!!!!

Breakfast is a smoothie most of the time. If I’m bored, I would grill a vegan hot dog or burger with salsa or I would scramble some tofu.

Lunch is usually a vegan burger with broccoli, salsa and Chao vegan cheese, sometimes baked fries or potatoes wedges. 

Dinner…awe man…lately I’ve been splurging… I’ll eat rice, beans, chips with salsa, kale chips, an apple, a tangerine, and a veggie burger.

I know…I know… it’s a lot…

Like I said, the struggle is real!!!

I will not be defeated. 

A new month is approaching and to me, that always signifies a new start.  

I’m going to add some color to my plate and flavor to my life!!

Are there any predominately plant-based eaters out there in need of some great plant-based recipes/tips…  in order to create foods that help to ignite your palate in a new way?

Are there any non-plant-based eaters out there willing to incorporate new types of foods into your diet?

SisArias United is taking a different turn for the month of May! We are going to focus our posts on healthy plant-based meals.

We invite you to join us as we embark upon this journey of cooking new foods, and trying out new recipes, as we share them with you all!!!

If your meal is clean… your food can actually be your comfort/healing…(just be mindful not to overdo it still…*clears throat*) Temperance (in moderation) still matters.  Lol


~Candace Mezetin

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Inspiration and Motivation


April 26, 2018

My name is Contessa Thomas…but I was born Contessa Beckford…FACTS!

However, my family simply calls me “Tessy”…FACTS!

I am the second of 6 children…FACTS!

I was born and raised in Jamaica Queens…FACTS!

I am the daughter of two Jamaican born immigrants…FACTS!

I survived childhood abuse…FACTS!

 I was able to rise above the odds that were set before me growing up in an underprivileged neighbor and being raised in a dysfunctional family….FACTS!

Despite my difficult upbringing, I came to realize that it has made me into the woman I am today…FACTS!

Each day I fully embrace the many blessings that God has allotted me, countless opportunities to make a difference…FACTS!

I choose to love and do good to those I come into contact with each day…FACTS!

I fell head over heels with the following quote:

“Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right using of strength. He or she is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts, by the attraction of his/her own.”  ~The Movie “Wonder”…


Heart, keep on pulling…it is well worth it!


~Contessa Thomas

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Inspiration and Motivation

Here Today…Gone Tomorrow

April 22, 2018

I walked into the building, late Thursday afternoon …a place of great familiarity, a place that has become my home away from home…and the answer to one question placed a wedge in my heart…it changed my whole view. 

Earlier that day I received an email explaining that one of the trainers needed coverage…I felt uneasy in my spirit…anxious—especially because that was unlike him.  The email did not offer too much information, so I really didn’t know what to think. 

I entered the Y, and saw a huge card on the desk and I saw his name…So I hesitantly asked the front desk clerk what happened and I learned that he had a heart attack.

The news came as a severe blow to the gut, as I felt the wind leave my body. I took in a deep breath of air, widened my eyes and relaxed my eyebrows as they reflexively sought to disobey. 

Tuesday evening, there we were talking… my trainer friend, sister and I…him wondering where I’ve been, as he hadn’t seen me in a while. He advised my sister and me on how to do correct squats as we were determined to complete our 100 squats for the day. 

As usual, he playfully picks on me and that Tuesday was no different.  He would always tell me that I smile too much.  Lol. That always made me smile harder…sometimes I would even laugh out loud.

He started to bust my chops and I told him that he missed me, and he said….”yea…I miss picking on you alright…” I just smiled. 

Seeing him always brightened my day. 

Just like that…that same Tuesday night, he had a heart attack. Thank God, he is ok and will prayerfully heal back to full strength.

The news was a mere reminder that life is fleeting.  We are here today and gone tomorrow.  

It’s time to live without fear or reservation. It’s time to let go of the selfishness that has so many of us wrapped up in chains of steel, handcuffed to the pole called “ME”. 

At the same time, you have to find your balance in life, living to the fullest, but listening to your body when it cries out for rest.

Sickness, disease, and death is no respecter of persons. 

It’s time to let go of the past experiences that cling on to our ankles like weights, slowing us down as we try to propel forward.  

It’s time to forgive all those who may have hurt you as unforgiveness actually destroys you more than it destroys them.

It’s time to give the mandated attention that is due to your family and friends… all those whom you cherish…

Why? You’re here today, but who says you’ll be here tomorrow?

Your tomorrow may never come. 

This has been an eye-opener for me. 

I’m so grateful that my friend has his life, but that may not be everyone’s story. 

Here today, gone tomorrow…

Swim…aim high…love…keep searching until you find your best you…

Live your best life every day that you have breath!!!

~Candace Mezetin


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Inspiration and Motivation

When You Just ‘SNOW’ Things Are Getting Out Of Control

April 19, 2018

This weather is clearly out of control! I could not believe my eyes, as this past Tuesday, it was actually snowing here in New York State.  I was at my local YMCA working out (Yes, exercise is one of my most effective stress relievers…You should definitely try it!) when I beheld this monstrosity. I did a mental check, literally within a few seconds of witnessing this Ludacris weather, and confirmed that “Yes!” spring has already began—so what’s up with this snow?!?   To make matters worse, last week on Friday and Saturday the temperature was in the 70’s.  This weather is truly confusing—LOL.  

Well, this crazy weather (snow in spring), reminded me of a very important parallel within our individual lives.   There could be a few days, months, or even years where everything seems to be going right, and as a result, we feel all warm, fuzzy, and happy.  However, some way, some how…it’s starts to snow in our lives. For the most part, these moments usually come as a surprise and consequently, elicit emotions of frustration, shock, and many other types.

At the discovery of this cold, wet snow coming down in my beloved Springtime, I could have let it get me down.  Thankfully, I made a quick and conscious decision to take the high road, instead of the low one.  This same solution is what I also try to apply in my personal life, as often as I can. It is not always easy, and there are days when that cold snow (problems), really seem to stunt my Springtime flow (forward movement).  However, with great determination I pull out my big girl weather boots, lace them up really tight to keep my socks from getting wet (my heart from getting broken/feelings hurt), and march forward in that cold frozen snow.  With each step that I take, the snow seems to melt under my feet (achieving victory over the problems). 

Whatever, difficult situations you may be facing, hold on to your Springtime. Do not let some unexpected, unwanted cold snow, freeze your soil and cause your Spring blossoms to never bloom. 

“Hut, Two, Three, Four”…Yes, forward march your way to happier times.


~Contessa Thomas

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Mental Check Out!

April 15, 2018

Rest does not simply refer to closing your eyes and drifting into some far away dreamland, 
Rest is not only about sitting down and ceasing from all your hard labor and toils
Rest is more than a physical entity, It also encompasses your mind and spirit. 

While the body may be at “rest” your mind is still working non-stop, full speed ahead. So even when you “rest” you’re still tired.
It’s time to cease from mental work. Turn off your brain…let that thing go that has your mind racing.  

You deserve it. 

It’s time to get the best rest of all! 

Mental check out!!!!!

So…one way in which I have found some mental rest is through photography.

A good friend of mine suggested creating a series of things that I like to photograph. So I decided to take pictures of these “cute eyed” toys my children have around the house. They are the cutest things ever and I can see why my children love them.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy these photos in the picture gallery above that I took as I enjoyed a moment of mental rest.

I challenge you to find that “thing” which you enjoy doing to take your mind off of the cares of life and to experience your mental check out!


~ Candace Mezetin

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The Truth Shall Set You Free…Then Why Do I Feel So Locked In???

April 12, 2018

“A picture is worth a thousand words…”, and I certainly agree with that.  As I searched for the feature picture for this article, literally, a ton of words whizzed through my mind.   These words encircled my growing thoughts concerning truth.  You see, over the last week, I have been faced with a few situations where telling the truth had put me in the doghouse.   The harsh reality is that no matter how nicely I tried to break it to the individuals, the truth left a bad taste in their mouths. My mental and emotional hands felt so tied.  Yesterday, as I sat down to write this article, I won’t tell a lie—I was having a moment of feeling defeated, as the offenses started to pile up higher on my conscience than I would have liked.   In my heart, I knew that I only said what I did out of love.  Again, so why did I feel like it was my fault that the designated people were so unhappy. Agh!

After a thoughtful mental and emotional regroup, I concluded that telling or accepting the truth helps to clear our minds and alleviates all of the “What If’s” that tend to play on auto-repeat. To tell the truth and embrace a high level of honesty, I feel with all my heart does provide a true peace of mind.  That is why the saying goes “The Truth Shall Set You Free”.   Nonetheless, even in light of such a profound revelation, digesting the truth is no easy feat.  As I sat up, tired and nearly delirious, banging away at my laptop keyboard, I had to check myself multiple times, as the sadness of being honest was becoming quite overwhelming.   At the end of it all, to be real and keeping it 100%, as my younger brother would say, takes a lot of courage.  I know that my family and close friends at times may think that my heart is made out of a sheet of steel like I am some modern day superhero. However, the TRUTH is that I am only human and trying each day to be a better version of me from the previous day.  

Stay strong. Be encouraged, and know that even though the TRUTH may seem painful, I believe that the mental and emotional growth will be well worth your wild!

~Contessa Thomas

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You Have A Friend in Me

April 8, 2018

You are not alone.
Even though it feels that way at times.
There are specially curtailed individuals who were made to connect with you.
Sometimes, we just have to step outside of our comfort zone…
We have to step outside the box…
We have to think outside the box…

Do something a little different.

Seek out someone else who may be a little different.

Just as they are always willing to extend the hand of friendship to you… you must also be willing to receive it.

I just want you to know…

“You Have A Friend in Me.”

~ Love is the answer

~ Candace Mezetin

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Dare To Be Great?!?!

April 5, 2018

Fear….the number one culprit in many of us not achieving our fullest potential in this life. To be great is no light undertaking. It takes an insurmountable amount of courage to take that leap of faith and pursue whatever your heart desires—full throttle. How many of us get trapped inside the most detrimental box in life—OUR MINDS. We are held captive, only wishing and hoping to be courageous to the point where we feel empowered enough to go against the gradient, or simply put—step outside the box.   Well, I am here to tell you, stop that chain reaction today…break the negative cycle. Strive for the best, and nothing less. You deserve it. You owe it to yourself.   Dare to be different??? Dare to be unique??? Dare to think outside of the box??? Hmmm…yes…I “Dare you to be Great!”

~Contessa Thomas


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In the Blink of an Eye

April 1, 2018

My son and I were having a heart to heart conversation. After our talk, we hugged each other.  As we stood there in a strong embrace, he started to cry.  I pulled back, looked at him and asked him what happened?

He said, “Mommy, I love you so much. I have not had a big hug like this from you in a long time.  I want you to spend more time with me.”

Initially, I was baffled. I thought to myself, “ I DO spend a lot of time with you”…but then it hit me.

Cooking and cleaning for him, as well as homeschooling him wasn’t the same as spending time with him. 

He needed my full ATTENTION and I was failing to give it to him.

It is time for a change.

Connect with your loved ones, listen to your loved ones, love on them as much as you can.

Make your years with them count…because before you know it, the moment will pass…In the Blink of an Eye.

~ Love is the Answer

~Candace Mezetin

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