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Laugh Until It Hurts

September 7, 2017

Laughter is such a great thing. It can turn any situation that seems impossible into a situation of hope. Throughout my years I have had some really tough times. There were definitely times when I was not even sure how I was going to make it through. However, one thing I can remember doing during those times, besides of course praying… and that was laughing. As a child, I was always known as the comedian of my family. My aunt, my mother, and my sister would always respond the loudest to my shenanigans. Truth is, my aunt and many others in my family, and friends gave me energy when I could make them laugh and turn their dark skies blue again. For me, growing up, as the abuse increased, so did my need to laugh. So, that little comedian girl grew up into comedic young woman.

You see, the funny thing is that I can at times be very serious, while other times I am the funniest and coolest person in the world. Despite this truth, my yearning to love others and bring a smile to their faces has never ceased. As I type I am getting an immediate flashback to early Monday morning, when I had to re-clean our bathroom that my husband supposedly cleaned earlier that Sunday.

Okay here goes the story, so I fell asleep Sunday night next to my newborn son, and my husband gets into bed and woke me about 11:50pm. After, I finished sending off my blog newsletter, I entered the bathroom with great anticipation to go take a nice long hot shower in my nicely cleaned bathtub (thanks to hubby). Well, well, well… to my surprise when I looked at our bathtub it was still dirty. Now, let me reiterate, my husband was really putting some elbow grease into this bathtub Sunday morning. I really could not make sense of why the tub floor was still dirty…I know funny right. Anyways… my heart sank. However, instead of throwing a big fit, I simply just laughed. That marked the beginning of a one-woman comedy show early that morning. I couldn’t help myself, and the jokes just started to flow non-stop as I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed.

My husband was listening outside the bathroom door as he read in bed. It was actually so funny that he was laughing on the other side of the door. What seemed to him to be a moment of comedy was actually a moment of survival for me. Truth is I really wanted to cry. Being a wife and a mother is an unending job. Your hours of work never stop. In fact they seem to go on forever. I strongly feel that many times women are underestimated and overlooked. The contribution that they make to ensure the successful running of a home is beyond what words can even describe. Men, I feel at times may think that their wives are ‘Nagging Hags’ (please feel free to check out my previous article on the topic here:, but they should not think that way. They should always remember that our role as wife and/or mother is highly essential to their success as a husband and/or father.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m drowning in the day-to-day tasks, but nonetheless I still have hope. That hope translates into my laughter. So yes, early Monday morning I laughed until it hurt.

Now, time for a second story…Tuesday marked the first day of school for my older son and daughter. Monday, which was Labor Day was a day of gruesome prep. To make matters worse my husband had to work that night. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my six year old daughter mysteriously slips backwards and bangs her head hard on the wood floors. This occurred not too long after my husband walks out the door for work. While I struggled to put the baby to sleep, my daughter woke up screaming that her head was hurting her. “Lord, please have mercy on my soul!” is all that filled my thoughts. As she screamed in her room, her little brother took the liberty to air out his pipes as well. After a few minutes of a cold compression on her injured spot, she fell asleep. Thankfully, the baby fell asleep around the same time as well.

I was sitting on my bed at that late hour, and all I wanted to do was cry. However, I chose not to. Instead I chose to laugh… until it hurt. I opened up my Facebook account and looked at some comedians, which immediately brought a huge smile to my face. Life is something that is totally unplanned at times and can spool a lot of surprises. Yes, even with that truism, don’t give up and don’t give in, keep fighting. Many people may look at my life and think I have it all so perfect. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. My life isn’t perfect and neither is anyone that I know, so we shouldn’t waste our time trying to pretend that it is. Instead be real and acknowledge the shortcomings and grow from them. Laugh through the growing pains, because they are necessary and extremely important in our character development.

I think that I have painted a very detailed picture about how I view laughter and how it benefits me. However, let us take a look at some public opinions. According to laughter has 9 benefits (whoa that is a lot!!!):

  1. Laughter stimulates your full body
  2. Laughter makes you feel better (It sure does!)
  3. Laugher increases your immunity (Chuck that vitamin C and laugh! Just kidding)
  4. Laughter promotes health
  5. Laughter helps you stress less (Ain’t this the truth, just ask my husband…LOL)
  6. Laughter increases your connection with others
  7. Laughter burns calories. (This one really motivates me…hey who needs the gym…just laugh….another little jokie joke!)
  8. Laughter builds mood and confidence
  9. Laughter can help you through difficult times (Yes!!! Through my hardest and darkest times…I remember how much laughing made a difference).

So, you see it is not only me who thinks that laughter is highly beneficial, there are others out there for whom it has also worked wonders for in their lives.

In closing…laugh, laugh hard, and laugh the hardest you possibly can. Life in itself is quite serious— let us learn to give life a nice kick of humor from time to time.

Come on…try it!!! Go and show off those pearly whites!

~Contessa Thomas


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