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The Platonic Zone

September 10, 2017

Welcome to the PLATONIC ZONE!!!

My name is the host who loves to boast. And yes, I can boast about just anything!!! Haha!! My jokes are to die for!!

Have you ever felt like you’re living with a roommate?…or a good friend?… better yet,  your best friend? When in reality that’s your SPOUSE!!!!????

If that’s you….


You’ve entered the forbidden platonic zone!!!

Featured in this zone are the relentless encounters with your spouse, who no longer “excites” you. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is love for your spouse, but there is no physical, or sexual desire. You simply put up with your spouse, because maybe you’ve been married for 20 years and there’s no point in backing out now.

You exchange quick hugs, which hold no real value and your kiss happens in the same amount of time it takes to blink an eye….HMMM

You live mundane lives… running the course… the same ole… same ole….

You’re easily annoyed at anything your spouse does. Those little things that use to light your fire are no longer “cute”. You’re more frustrated than not and you have A strong conviction that the grass is greener on the other side.


This zone is a dangerous place for any marriage or love relationship to be.

This zone can lead to Sudden Relationship Death Syndrome (SRDS)!!!

I bet you’re wondering,  ” What’s SRDS? “

Well I’ll tell you:

Sudden relationship death syndrome (SRDS) is where you’re at such a disconnected place in your relationship, that you’ve subconsciously opened the door to emotional affairs, lusting, and possibly engaging in relationships that are allegedly friendships— but they are obviously so much more…

As much as I love hosting this platonic zone game show, truth is… You don’t want to be a contestant on this show.

For those of you on my show and are suffering from SRDS you may be wondering, “how do I get out of this platonic zone?

Let’s find out:

For starters, you have to know and accept that there are no perfect relationships. There are always struggles… hills and mountains to climb, valleys to wallow in, and oceans to swim across.  Funny enough,  when you think you have gotten over that difficult hurdle, the next obstacle instantaneously comes your way.

Understanding this will help you to know that there is always work to do in order to keep your relationship going.  A car will not run without gas…the stove will not turn on without gas or electricity… and your relationship will not grow without communication and proactive love.

How do you  restore the romance in your marriage/relationships?

There are so many books, websites, television shows and other mediums that can give you step-by-step instructions on how to spice up your romance. Some of the advice given may work… while some may not.

While some may find value in the step by step remedies, I honestly believe that in order to rekindle a burnt out flame, you have to want to reignite that fire!!!

If you’re invested and care about your relationship, and want to make it work… there’s hope.  Secondly, you have to know your love language.

Your love language is how you interpret feeling loved. Your love language turns you on, excites you and ignites you.

Author Gary Chapman expounds upon this concept of the 5 love languages:

  1. Words of affirmation

This is the language where words are needed to feel loved.  Individuals with this love language need to hear “I love you” and other compliments, as these are what is valued most. Words hold value, so it is very important to be mindful of what is said. Negative or insulting comments hurt a great deal — and will pose great difficulty to be forgiven

  1. Quality time

This language encompasses the element of TIME. Time matters and it is important to make time for your significant other— if this is their love language. Talk is cheap…it means nothing…. Time is everything.  Minimize all distractions, postpone dates, and make sure to really listen.

  1. Receiving gifts

According to Dr. Chapman, receiving gifts is the mode by which love is felt for some people. Through receiving gifts, these individual are said to feel loved and appreciated.

  1. Acts of service

Actions speak louder than words!!!! Those individuals who speak this love language need their partner to recognize that life is no walk in the park and help is needed. Recognizing their need and actually helping out translates to love. Broken promises, and laziness are a big turn off for those who speak this language.

  1. Physical touch

For those who speak this language, appropriate touch is an all time indicator of being loved. This is not singled out to a “bow Chicka wow wow” bedroom session, but it includes all types of physical connections such as: holding hands or kissing.

Understanding your love language, and then teaching your spouse or significant other how to speak your language will absolutely rekindle that fire.

Try it…because if you agreed earlier that you are in a Platonic (Friendship) zone, and don’t want to experience “sudden relationship death syndrome” understanding this concept can hopefully help turn things around.

All relationships go through ups and downs, and even if you’re in that dreaded zone… It’s never too late to get that fire re-started.

Don’t give up!

Thanking you all for joining me today (hopefully never to return) in the platonic zone!!!

~Candace Mezetin

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