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Gone Too Soon… But Never Forgotten

October 5, 2017

Gone too soon…is the looming thought that tends to dominate my mind.

As I sit and ponder how and why this tragedy chose me out of everyone else.


Wishing this reality away, like flushing a bad dream out of my mind…

Yet the ever-present pain just won’t leave my broken heart as I realize that the one I love so

dearly is no longer here.


To smile, what is that?! Hmmm…will I ever be able to do that thing with my mouth again?

Where the sides turn up when I feel a great sense of delight?

Truth be told, the immensity of my loss has only given me tunnel vision, numb to anything but the grief that I feel.


Ahhh!!! Why me?!?! Life is so unfair. Why couldn’t my loved one be spared?

Why did it have to be their time? Why, why, why?

In fact, asking why seems completely pointless, as I know the question is beyond the realm of mere mortal minds.

So, I guess I have to make my peace with the very thing I am currently at war with.


God, please give me strength, because right now my emotional and physical tanks are out of gas.

Help me to love amidst the hate… yes, indeed that one thing that goes against

my very nature and that is extremely hard to do when not given much thought.


If only I could turn back the hands of time to say that final goodbye, or stop that tragic

incident from ever occurring.

Again, a nice thought to ponder…

How will I survive? What does tomorrow hold for me?


Yes, let me think about this one…ah…Hope!

Hope is the one thing that can turn my tragedy into something better.

Hope is the only remedy to help me regain feeling in my broken, numbed heart again.

Hope, I know that you will not let me down.

You are all that I have left.


To hope… I know is to eventually live again.

To actively live out that legacy that my loved one left behind.

To ensure that their lives were not in vain.


Gosh…the road to recovery is not an easy one, but encouraged is what I will try and remain.

As the pain stakes dig deep into my soul—I will choose to hope and look beyond the

devastating hand that I was unfairly dealt.

Choosing to live a life in remembrance of the one that was lost.

Hope, I thank you!

~Contessa Thomas


*This is a tribute to the families of those who lost their lives in Las Vegas earlier this week and Nancy P. who lost her dear father as well.

Let us live each day here on this earth with a purpose to love each other.


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  • Reply Nancy Pharuns October 5, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    Beautiful…..thank you Tess!

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