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New Year, New You

December 24, 2017

Wow…what a year of many ups and also many downs.  A year filled with many momentous moments, yet still a year that brought forth many tears. 

2017 must be a year that we dissect and determine where we have been successful, as well as unsuccessful.  We must identify what worked and what needs to be modified.  

At the end of 2016, I created a vision board for 2017. I made it big, colorful and visible right by my bed.  

Some of my goals for 2017 were: 

1. Making Jesus center of my life
2. Going on a family vacation
3. Crotchet 20 hats and scarves
4. Become a group fitness certified trainer
5. Become proficient at playing the bass 
6. Writing a musical on unconditional love
7. Writing about MY STORY (How my childhood experiences made me who I am today) 
8. To become a 100% vegan

This past week, I took a moment to assess my progress on my goals.  I did make strong efforts to achieve them, especially because I had my 10 year old keeping me accountable.  Every so often, he would look at the board and say, “Mommy, you’re not achieving your goals.  I don’t see you doing _________”. I would laugh and reply that he didn’t always see me working on them.  In the back of my head though, I knew that I really had to get on my grind.  

What’s the big deal about creating a vision board? 

A vision board is just that, a board that maps out your plans for the new year.  Ever heard that old saying, “seeing is believing”? Well, it’s applicable here.  Seeing your vision, seeing your plan laid out right in front of you can increase your chances of actually completing it. 

You may be wondering how creating a vision board can help you….

Well let me show you how: 

1. Creating a vision board gives you the opportunity to intentionally map out what you want to accomplish in the new year.  It’s actually your road map as you travel into 2018.

2.  A vision board can help you to be more successful in accomplishing those things you want to achieve.  So many of us set goals, but we fail over and over again to accomplish them. A wise writer from the bible said, “without a vision, the people fail”. Creating a vision can help you to actually follow through.

3. Creating a vision board actually starts your engine! Seeing all the things that you want to accomplish laid out in front of you can actually serve as a motivating force.  

Let’s get your motor running!!!!

4. No vision board equals no vision. Not literally…lol, but seriously, if you don’t create that vision, your goals and desires usually have a way of fading from your memories.  It will simply become a distant memory.  

5. Creating a vision board can actually help you to understand your goals, and intentionally help you to progress into the new year towards meeting them.  
It is a known truism that goals are achieved if you truly understand them. Once you get what you want to do, you can then plan out your baby steps, and your short-term goals. 
When you understand your vision, and become motivated by seeing it mapped out in front of you, you’re ready to move forward. 

It also helps to think about how your life will be enhanced upon the completion of your goals. 

How will I be a better person? 

How will the quality of my life be improved? 

Knowing the answers to these questions will once again motivate you, and propel you forward into executing your dreams. 

I can tell you from a personal stand point that vision boards are everything! 

You have the opportunity to create it how you want with as many or as few goals as you want to achieve. 

6. Creating a vision board can get you out of your comfort zone, and it will help you organize yourself.  I know for me, keeping my goals bound in my head becomes overwhelming, and at times it makes me sad and depressed.  Seeing them written down gives me the opportunity to make sense of everything.  

It’s a brand new year and its time to do something different!! A vision board is not something that you create etched in stone.  You can constantly revise it accordingly.  Once again, it’s your map that guides everything that you plan to do for the new year.  

I mentioned earlier that I did make a vision board for 2017. Here were my goals:

1. Making Jesus center of my life.

This is an ongoing goal. Some days I’m on track and other days I’m a mess. The struggle is real, but my aim is consistency and commitment.

2. Going on a family vacation

This goal has been achieved, as this past summer, my family had the opportunity to spend a week in the Poconos. This was a great deal for us as it had been a very long time since we did go on vacation.

3. Crotchet 20 hats and scarves

Well…. I did not crotchet 20 hats and 20 scarves for the year.  My goal was to make these as Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews. However, I DID crotchet two hats and two scarves, and for that I’m proud.  It was so difficult for me to find time to crochet prior to setting this goal, so being that I was able to crochet the two hats and scarves this year is an accomplishment for me. Baby steps.  I’ll get my 20!

4. Become a group fitness certified trainer

Guess what??? I executed my goal!  I’m an AFAA certified group exercise fitness instructor.  Not only did I earn 1 certification, I have 2 and I’m in process of obtaining 2 more. I currently teach 2 fitness classes at my local YMCA as well!!! I think I nailed this goal!!!

5. Become proficient at playing the bass 

I can’t say that I am proficient yet, but I am a whole lot better than when I started this journey 2 years ago. I used to pluck those strings with no sense of how harsh I was. Now, my plucking is more smooth and my music has improved a great deal. I’m still striving for the day I can play in a band and simply jam!

6. Writing a musical on unconditional love

Well, I have not begun writing a musical, BUT I did write a whole lot more!!! Sisarias United gave me the opportunity to write about unconditional love in various forms for 52 weeks. I will continue to work on writing this musical play. 

7. Writing about MY STORY (how my childhood experiences made me who I am today). 


I am happy to say that I have achieved this goal and it’s so funny how the stage was set for this. Through Sisarias United, my sister and I were invited to participate in a project called “Becoming”. We’ve talked about this briefly in other posts. This project calls for women to share their story of hurt, and pain and how they’ve reached a place of love… in order to become the amazing person that they are today. On December 15th, I submitted my first draft for review of MY STORY !!!! 

Stay tuned!

8. To become a 100% vegan

I am so close to achieving this goal.  I’ve been a vegetarian for 8 years and at the start of 2017, I wanted to do away with animal products completely.  It was a struggle, as I couldn’t let go of cheese, eggs, yogurt and ice cream. In June 2017, I shared with you all that my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and that was the catalyst that pushed me closer to veganism. I no longer eat eggs, cheese, or drink cows milk in its purest form. The only thing that is keeping me from crossing the vegan finish line is that I’ll sometimes eat foods that used eggs or milk products.  

2017 is about to end. I think that I’ve been pretty successful in achieving some of my goals. 2018 is a week away. I am definitely setting new goals. New goals to give me a purpose for 2018, goals to propel me forward and help me build myself further. 

I would like to encourage you to take some time this week and create your vision board. 

Write the vision…make it plain. It is completely up to you how you want to create it.

Choose realistic goals and aim to make a better version of yourself for 2018!!!

Simply put—Love yourself

~ Love is the answer

~Candace Mezetin 

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